NSX-T 3.0 in a HomeLab – Part 1: Physical & Nested ESXi setup and Network Overview.

Before we dive in NSX-T part, lets take a quick look at physical hosts and nested esxi hosts setup.

As seen above we have 3x physical host in one cluster (HW-Clu01) and 3x nested esxi hosts in cluster (nClu01) and all are connected to same vDSwitch for management.

HW-Clu01 hosts vcsa, 3x nested esxi vm’s, 2x test vm’s and will also host nsx-t manager and edge vm’s down the line.
All 6 hosts has access to same NFS datastore where the only test VMs are located for ease of this demo, though I did think of enabling vSAN services on nested hosts but will leave that detour for some other blog-post

Quick overview at vDS, nested esxi vm nic’s config and portgroups used for physical and nested host vmk’s and TEP.

Quick overview of subnets and vlans used for this demo.

Now that we are familiar with the playground and plan, next we will look at
part 2 NSX-T 3.0 appliances install and configuration.

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