Having access to a homelab has been very helpful and plays a great part when it comes to learning and career development and now hoping it will also be helpful for blogging.


  • Supermicro Mini-Tower 5028D-TN4T (added to inventory in 2020)
    • Intel Xeon processor D-1541 8-Core, SoC (System-on-Chip)
    • 64 GB RAM (Supported 128GB)
    • Samsung 970 Pro Plus NVMe 1TB drive
    • 4x 2TB SATA III disk, 1x 256GB SSD.
    • 2x 1G, 2x 10G NICs
  • Custom built Mini ITX host (since 2018) support till ESXi 6.7 / 7 with only one NIC.
    • Core(TM) i7-6700T CPU @ 2.80GHz 4 Core
    • 32GB RAM (Max)
    • 256GB MSATA Internal SSD
    • 512GB SATA SSD
    • 2x 1G NICs
  • Dell OptiPlex 980 (since 2015) support till ESXi 6.5
    • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz
    • 32GB RAM (MAX)
    • NVIDIA Quadro 2000 – 1 GB GDDR5
    • 2x 2TB SATA 2x 256GB SATA SSD
    • 4x 1G NICs – Intel Ethernet I340 Server Adapter E1G44HT
    • 1 x1G NIC on board nic.

Storage / Networking

  • Router / FW
  • ZyXEL GS-1524 – 24 Ports Managed Switch
  • Synology DS216j NAS – 2x 4TB in Raid 0
  • FreeNAS in a VM – with 2x 1G NIC and RAID card in passthrough mode.
  • AP – Meraki MR18 – running OpenWRT.

As seen above I have a mixture of old desktop, custom built hosts and was
only recently able to add supermicro server. Though this has its own limitations and it is opposite of the best practices to have identical hardware and same version of ESXi hosts in a cluster, as it is a HomeLab approval was not that difficult to get. 😉

Thanks to the folks at Serverfactory I was able to get a very good deal for Supermicro Mini-Tower 5028D-TN4T with delivery in few days so this definitely played its part to keep me sane during the lockdown period.

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